Genealogy society holds 27th banquet

Staff Report

Having tracked their families back to the founding members of Gallia (from left to right) Jim Mullineau, Jeff Fowler, Buddy Joe Fowler and Kristen Lupsor are recognized by Gallia County Genealogical Society.

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GALLIPOLIS — The 27th Annual Lineage Banquet was held recently at the Ariel Theater with 45 in attendance.

Dinner followed an invocation by Ann Brown.

The speaker for the evening was Jerry Rusk sharing his knowledge of how to conduct genealogical research “Finding Your Roots.” He included many helpful hints on using which allow the researcher to save a lot of time.

Induction ceremonies were held for the four lineage banquets. Joining “First Families” of Gallia County were Kristen Lupsor, James Mullineaux, Buddy Joe Fowler and Jeffery Fowler through their ancestors Ahas S. Morehouse, Lucinda Sisson, Thomas Sawyers, Rebecca Cobb, Sarah Morehouse, Margaret Rees, Keiser Sawyers, Elias Newton, Alice Stimpson, Elijah Fowler, Jane Bogan, Harrison Fowler, Joel Higley, Eunice Hoskins, Nehemiah Grover, Sr., Nehemiah Grover, Jr., Electa Whitlock, Esther Row, Benjamin Whitlock, Abiah Higley, Nehemiah Grover, William Eblin and Nancy McCain.

Unable to attend were Frances Wolf, of San Antonio, Tyler Wooten, of Maryland , Diana Struve, of Dayton, Herman Sprague, of Gallipolis, Beverly Nelson, of Texas, Carolyn Higgins, of Georgia, Robert Barris, of Ohio and Connie Erskine, of Bountiful, Utah. Their ancestors included Alexander Waddell, James McCormick, Irene Rodgers, John Rodgers McCormick, Sarah Waddell, William Waddell, Mary Ross, Eleanor Roush, John Nisewanger, Rachel Nisewanger, Thomas Rodgers, Christena Russell, John A. Rodgers, William Loucks, Sarah Loucks, John Dewitt, Charles Sigler, Isaac Dewitt, Margaret Liter, William Cherrington, John Kerr, John Nisewanger Kerr, Christena Nisewanger, John Cherrington, Ruth Knox, William Ross, Nancy Nowlan, Jonathan Bass, Elizabeth Short, Peter Sprague, Lois Davis, James D. Sprague, Elizabeth Denney, William Fowler and Mary Lane.

Members adding additional ancestors were Richard Brown, Sandra Bledsoe, Cynthia Fellure and Amber Fellure through ancestor Margaret Liter.

Inducted into Civil War Families of Gallia County were Helen McDaniel, Cindy Wilson and James Mullineaux through their ancestors John Claudius Dufour, Augustus Dufour, Levi Grover, James Mullineaux, John Mullineaux, Wiliam H. Grover, John w. Grover and Asariah Denney.

Unable to attend were Frances Wolf, Marla Lang of Ohio, Pamela Smith-Irowa of Illinois and Tammy Wolgamott of Ohio through their soldiers Charles H. McCormick, John W. McCormick, Alexander Halliday, Edward D. Burnett, James H. McCormick, Andrew J. Beardsley, Isaac Manley, Jonas Manley and John S. Manley.

Members adding additional ancestors were Robert Gordon, of Gallipolis and Carolyn Higgins through their soldiers Henry Hutchinson, Bourbon Brown Ross, Joseph R. King, Robert H. King and Lewis N. King.

Joining “Settlers and Builders” were Helen McDaniel, Cindy Wilson, Kristen Lupsor and James Mullineaux through their ancestors Jean Baptiste Claudius Dufour, Henry Judson Beardsley, Eliza J. Roach, Andrew J. Beardsley, Alice Newton, Simeon Roach, Diana Koontz, James Mullineaux (1838), James Mullineaux (1844), John Kuhn, Anna Kuhn, Regina Barbary Schaeffer, Joseph Grover, Mariah Fowler, Asariah Denney, Rachel Eblin and Cynthia Denney.

Unable to attend were Higgins who joined through ancestors Jesse King, Rebecca Sypult, Stephen D. Ross, Sarah Jane King, Jesse Alexander Ross, Robert H. King, Sarah Horner and Joseph R. King.

Joining “Century Families” were McDaniel, Wilson and Mullineaux through their ancestors William Dufour, Emily Abrams, Augustus Dufour, James M. Mullineaux, Edgar P. Mullineaux, Myrtle O. Ward, Ruby Higginbotham, Frank F. Higginbotham, Hiram Grover, Lester Grover, Joseph Rose, Susan Newman and Mary Ella Rose.

President Henny Evans thanked those who attended and who completed work on their applications. She said she was always amazed at the number of “First Families” who keep increasing with now over 875 documented ancestors here by the end of 1820. Several counties in Ohio do not even have a “First Families” group as they were not founded by 1820.

Evans also announced the completion of the long awaited “Gallia County, Ohio Civil War Soldiers” by Carolyn Cogar. The book is dedicated to the late Michael Trowbridge as he first enlisted Cogar’s help about 2005 and after his death she continued the project for ten years. There are over 3000 soldiers in the book of 550 pages and information about each soldier includes vital statistics like cemetery, unit, enlistment, discharge and such things as wounded, promoted, prisoner of war status. Books are available at the office.

The society is currently working on completing an index to “Patriot Pioneers” by Anna Simmerman and as soon as that is complete the entire series of her articles will be ready in book form.

Evans also announced that the well known Family Search group will be in Gallipolis within the month to begin a nine month to a year stay digitizing over 10,000 original probate records located in their office. They will also be doing some work in the Gallia Probate Court. The board decided it was important to see the permanent safekeeping of these records. They will be accessible on at some time in the future. The records were previously microfilmed but the film is out of date and difficult to use.

Membership has increased substantially and a quarterly newsletter of 24 pages continues to be sent out with the low cost of only ten dollars a year for membership. Board members include Evans, Vice President Marian Schoonover, Recording Secretary Linda Criner, Corresponding Secretary Cogar, Treasurer Ann Brown and members Mary James and Jean Niday.

Evans reported that the television show “Who Do You Think You Are?” contacted them last summer about research of one of the French Five Hundred. Evans asked for whom she was researching and they asked if she had ever heard of the show. As a result of all this, over 100 pages of material were sent to them and a continuing dialogue led eventually to the producers coming here to scout out the site. This show features celebrities and traces their roots back for them. They completed filming in Gallipolis in November and the show will air sometime in the spring. While the celebrity remains a secret, the society was able to make her an honorary member of “First Families” for the 2017 inductees.

Thanks were expressed to the attendees and the board members who man the office and work tirelessly on projects. A very special thanks was given to Shirley Doss, Board Member of the Ariel, who was the Ariel hostess for the evening along with Lora Snow, Director. Guests were reminded of the Open House at the office December 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dismissal followed the awarding of door prizes.

Having tracked their families back to the founding members of Gallia (from left to right) Jim Mullineau, Jeff Fowler, Buddy Joe Fowler and Kristen Lupsor are recognized by Gallia County Genealogical Society. tracked their families back to the founding members of Gallia (from left to right) Jim Mullineau, Jeff Fowler, Buddy Joe Fowler and Kristen Lupsor are recognized by Gallia County Genealogical Society. Courtesy photo

Staff Report