Meigs High School Football team open practice a success

By Lindsay Kriz

August 13, 2014

POMEROY — The Meigs County High School Football Team’s open practice last Friday night proved to be a success, according to Head Coach Mike Bartrum. Not only did many fans come out to cheer on the players, but spectators brought plenty of “back to school” items, which will be donated sometime in the next week.

“It’s very exciting to have people come and give back,” Bartrum said. “That’s what we preach to our players all the time. It’s all about paying it forward, and so hopefully this is a nice gesture to Meigs football to say ‘thank you’ to Meigs Local for supporting our program and then also all the kids. Because it’s rough times, and anytime you can help someone not as fortunate as you, that puts a smile on peoples’ face on both parties, which is very, very important.”