Remember the pets

February 2, 2014

Dear Editor,

Don’t be cruel, if you have a dog or cat outside, please provide them a proper shelter.

A pet carrier is not a proper shelter. Four walls with a small door with a solid roof, size no larger than three times the size of the pet. This helps them to contain their own body heat to help warm them. This is also important to dogs and cats in unheated buildings. They also need lots of straw or cedar chips, fresh water and food. They must have a dry, clean area with at least a 10-foot chain.

Please, if possible, during this frigid weather, bring them in.

Don’t be cruel, if your neighbor needs help housing a pet — help them. If someone refuses and neglects to take proper care of animal, report them at 1-740-441-0207.

Charlene Carter

Gallipolis, Ohio