Area schools plan to make up ‘snow days’

Agnes Hapka

January 29, 2014

OHIO VALLEY — Area students may have rejoiced in the extended winter break they received through inclement weather days — their parents perhaps less so — but sometimes these extra ‘holidays’ come at a price.

Gallia County Local Schools has used eight weather days as of Tuesday, said assistant GCLS superintendent Wendy Halley. This means that so far, two days must be made up somewhere in the school calendar.

“Two days will be made up on April 17 and April 22,” Halley noted. “Which were supposed to be our spring break. Spring break will then be from April 18 through April 21.”

Halley added that the rest of the days will be made up at the end of the year starting with June 2.

According to Troy Johnson, director of information technology for the Gallipolis City Schools, as of Wednesday the district has used seven calamity days. The State of Ohio, Johnson noted, allows five calamity days, and any additional days are made up by going to school over spring break, starting with the Monday of that week.

Mason County Schools Superintendent Suzanne Dickens said that Tuesday was the seventh day of closure for the 2013-14 academic year, meaning that the district has now exceeded its allotted days by one. From Tuesday on, Dickens said, these weather days will have to be made up.

Dickens said that she intended to bring up the issue at Tuesday’s regular board meeting, suggesting that days that were originally slated as in-service Fridays will be used first, in addition to Friday, Feb. 17.

Dickens stated she does not intend to use spring break days as inclement weather make-up days.

“There are three more non-instructional days in the calendar that could be used for instruction,” Dickens added.