Gallia County Local Schools defer OSFC funding

Agnes Hapka

October 16, 2013

GALLIA COUNTY —Board members of Gallia County Local Schools have again voted to defer an opportunity to receive co-funding from the Ohio Schools Facility Commission.

Glenn Rowell of the OSFC planning department paid the board a visit at Monday evening’s meeting, explaining to members that each year the commission receives a “relative wealth” ranking list of Ohio public schools.

The OSFC, Rowell said, was started in 1997 and is an agency within the state government, separate from the Department of Education.

“There are 613 public school districts in the state, ranked on a relative wealth scale with number one being the poorest and 613 being the richest district in the state. So for 16 years we’ve been working our way from number one and up, reaching out and offering our assistance with school buildings,” Rowell told the board.

This district, he said, has been on the radar for planning and building assistance for a few years.

“We understand that your school district has been through a building program in the past few years,” Rowell said.

Board member Terry Halley said that when Gallia County renovated some of its schools and built new schools, the decision was made to use other funding sources. He explained that this was both for financial reasons and to enable Gallia County to exercise more control in its planning process.

Rowell said that the OSFC does have strict standards and that any project it undertakes comes with a full commitment policy. That is, the co-funding cannot be used simply to upgrade or renovate one aspect of a school building or buildings within the district.

Curently, Rowell said, Gallia County Local School district is ranked at number 473, which is places it in the 78th percentile of relative wealth. That percentile establishes the split of share — Gallia would have had a 78 percent local share, while the state would have picked up the other 22 percent.

Halley said that this fact was also instrumental in the decision made by Gallia County Schools.

“If we had been in a lower percentile [and therefore eligible for a higher percentage of funding] we would have considered it,” Halley said.

The board voted to defer the opportunity to work with OSFC for another year. Rowell said that he or another representative would be back next fall to make the offer again.

In regular business, the board voted to approve professional leave for Julia Slone and Wendy Halley, who are attending an OSBA Capital Conference. The board also voted to employ the following individuals as assistant football coaches for the 2013-2014 school year: James Haislop, Larry Howell and David Rumley. The board also voted to approve leave without pay for dates in November for Patricia Davison, and to accept the resignation of Tracey Burnette as South Gallia Middle School History Day advisor. The board also voted to approve the employment of the following individuals as substitute teacher aides and substitute secretaries: Chasity Baker, Denise Bradley, Stephanie Campbell, Julie Casey, Erica Hersman, Shelley Kemper, Connie Massie and Victoria Woerner.

The board also voted to employ the following people: Denise Bradley and Shelley as substitute cooks and custodians; Jennifer Chapman, Elizabeth Pope and Kendra Ward-Bence as substitute teachers; Janet Harrison as a substitute aide; Janet Harrison as substitute cook and substitute custodian.

The next regular business meeting for Gallia County Local Schools will be at 7 p.m., Monday, October 28 at the board office.