Reader outlines role of Grange in Meigs fairs

By Charlene Hoeflich

September 22, 2013

Dear Editor,

I have certainly enjoyed the Meigs County Fair—especially all the junior fair booths giving a brief history of the 150 years of the fair. I’m sure these groups were all furnished with the same sketch of the fair’s history, so this letter in no way is a criticism of all these fine groups.

The Meigs County Fair has obviously overlooked a very important item in its history. In the early 1900’s, the Meigs County Pomona Grange held a fair at Carpenter. There are still a few Grange fairs running in Ohio today. The Grange fair in Meigs County was so successful that it was killing the Meigs County Fair. I have no idea why there were two fairs at the time. In any case, the Meigs County Fair asked the Meigs County Grange to combine its fair with theirs. For whatever reason, this was agreed to.

Were it not for this magnanimous action of the Grange, the county fair would not likely exist today. In recent years, there has been some unfair treatment of the Grange, so I felt that it was important to make this fact known. The grange is still in support of the Meigs County Fair and wishes it many more years of success. This is proven by the fact that it costs each local grange much more than each receives in premium money for its display booths. We want our fair to be the best possible and continue to be supported by local granges.


Keith D. Ashley