You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

September 8, 2013

Bill Hatfield’s Ashland Station Scioto Trail & Coles Blvd. 1962 submitted by Jan Thompson

Ben Robinson wrote: What is there now?

Cheryl Schuler White wrote: Super Quick.

Chris Lewallen wrote: I bet you could get your gas pumped, windows washed, and oil checked for no extra charge.

Jan Thompson wrote: I wonder how much gas was in 1962?

James Jordan wrote: 31 cents per gallon.

John Gilbert Sr. wrote: And behind that is Milar Car Wash where I worked in 1965.

Jan Thompson wrote: Does anyone remember the glassware that Ashland Oil gave away? I remember we got alot of it at McGraw’s Ashland station. I’ve seen some of the glassware in antique stores and it is so collectible.