A job well done

Stephanie Filson

August 27, 2013

BIDWELL — Long-time Superintendent of Gallia County Local Schools Dr. Charla Evans was recognized for her dedication to Gallia County’s youth during the River Valley vs. South Gallia game Saturday.

Gridiron for Gallia Committee Co-chair Jared Moore presented the award to Evans, who was joined by her son Matt Evans and family, as well as representatives from each of the high schools. Evans has been an integral part of the completion of new sports facilities at River Valley High School and South Gallia High School.

Moore said the award was presented on behalf of the Gallia County Local School Board and the Gridiron for Gallia Committee. He read the certificate aloud:

This certificate is presented with heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Charla Evans for her tireless commitment to the students of Gallia County, her steadfast support of the construction and completion of the athletic complexes at River Valley and South Gallia High Schools. Her dedication, tenacity and perserverence have made these facilities a reality for our children, our community and future generations of Raiders and Rebels. Dr. Evans’ unwavering devotion to the Gallia County Local Schools and its students has been unparalleled. We offer our thanks to her on this day, August 24, 2013.

Moore concluded by announcing that a plaque will be erected in Dr. Evans’ honor on both sides of the SGHS and RVHS field houses.