2013 Gallia County Junior Fair Steer Sale results posted

August 5, 2013

GALLIA COUNTY — The results of the Gallia County Fair Steer Sale are listed below, including the name of the owner, youth organization represented, buyer and price per pound.

1. Meghan Call, Gallia County Dairy Club, Williams Fuel Stop and Burlile Petroleum, $10

2. Jacob Strieter, Gallipolis FFA, Farmers Bank & Savings Company and Saunders Insurance, $6

3. Hannah McCormick, Gallia County Livestock Club, Thomas Do-It Center, $4

4. Jordan Johnson, Country To The Core, Eastman’s Foodland (Ohio Valley Supermarkets), $3.75

5. Chase Hammond, The Show Stoppers, The Wiseman Agency, Inc, $2.75

6. Austin Phillips, Raccoon Rowdies, Dennis O’Callaghan Gaskets, Packing, and Seals, $2.50

7. Zachary Canaday, Whiz Kids, Gallia County Republican Office Holders, $3.50

8. Justin Butler, Hayseeds, Ohio Valley Bank, $3

9. Kaci Bryant, The Show Stoppers, Phillip Fraley and Lynn Angell, $2.75

10. Kaylee Lambert, Triangle, McDonalds of Gallipolis & Rio Grande, $2.50

11. Levi Strieter, Gallia Guys & Gals, Carter’s Plumbing, Inc. and Wagon Wheel Rental Property, $3

12. Ashley Caldwell, Silver Streak, Debbie Fraley, $3

13. Alex Greer, Eno Sail On, Save-A-Lot Food Store - Bidwell, $2.10

14. Patrick Brown, Triangle, L & L Scrap Metals Recycling Inc. and Wesbanco Bank, $2.10

15. Ashley Gilmore, Good Times, L & L Scrap Metals Recycling Inc., $2

16. Kaci Ager, Gallipolis FFA, GKN Sinter Metals, $2.25

17. Justin Beaver, Thivener Pioneers, Gallia County Republican Office Holders, $2.30

18. Ryan Caldwell, Silver Streak, Eastman’s Foodland (Ohio Valley Supermarkets), $2

19. Chase Shriver, Kountry Kritters, Jaymar Inc., $1.80

20. Luke Strieter, Gallia Guys & Gals, Case Distributing Inc. of Cincinnatti, $2.40

21. Eric Blevins, For His Glory, Holzer Health System, $2.30

22. C.J. Shadle, Thivener Pioneers, Hughes Beef & Dairy Farm Ray Hughes, $3

23. Colton Fallon, Hope’s Helping Hands, Wiseman Real Estate David Wiseman, $2.50

24. TG Miller, For His Glory, Ohio Valley Bank, $2.50

25. Boo Pullins, Rodney Rangers, Marvin’s Farm Service and Ross Club Nubian Goats, $2.30

26. Colton Gilmore, Good Times, Vollborn Cattle, $2.10

27. Reece Thomas, Hope’s Helping Hands, Graham’s Towing and Auto Repair and Mulford and Wiseman Attorneys at Law, $1.90

28. Rachael Smith, RV All Stars, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Long, $2.10

29. Bryanne Hamilton, Sundance Kids, Green Township Trustee Jamie Graham and R & C Packing, $2.10

30. Caleb McKnight, Silver Streak, Chris Frogale, $2

31. Jala Williams, Silver Streak, Johnson’s Mobile Homes, Inc, $2.10

32. Cody Brumfield, Triangle, People’s Bank NA, $1.90

33. Hunter Sanders, Hayseeds, Josh Bodimer Auctioneer and Realtor, $2.60

34. Eli Ellis, Hayseeds, Crown Excavating and Cox Cattle Company, $1.95

35. Maria Ovalle, Hope’s Helping Hands, Clark Club Lambs and Feed Stop, LLC, $2.15

36. Liz Ours, Gallipolis FFA, Rural King, $2

37. Nathan Michael, Silver Streak, Gallipolis Elks #107, $1.95

38. Jacob Williams, Silver Streak, United Producers, Inc Gallipolis and Bill Crank DVM, Inc., $2.40

39. Ellie Bostic, South Gallia FFA, Bobs Market & Greenhouse, Inc, $2.50

40. Josh Glassburn, Eno Sail On, French Town Veterinary Clinic, $2.20

41. Tori Duncan, South Gallia FFA, Burleson Feeder Cattle and Hollybrook Farm, $2.30

42. Wesley Harden, Gallia Buccaneers, L & L Scrap Metals Recycling Inc., $2.45

43. Teah Elliott, For His Glory, Holzer Health System, $2.45

44. Sarah Barr, New Horizon, McDonalds of Gallipolis & Rio Grande, $2

45. Maddie Deel, Gallia County Livestock Club, R & C Packing, $2.15

46. Brea Stout, Eno Sail On, Smith Chevrolet, Buick, and Used Car Superstore, $2.05

47. Coen Duncan, Triangle, Holzer Health System, $2.20

48. Whitney Clagg, Gallipolis FFA, Dale Lear and Garry Lewis, $2

49. Makayla Duke, Gallia County Dairy Club, Tayler Excavating Service, K Building and Nuko Paving Inc, $2.25

50. Kenny Wroten, South Gallia FFA, Willis Funeral Home, $2.55

51. Cobi Brandeberry, Eno Sail On, Joe Bostic Bostic’s Farm and Rio Tire, $2.05

52. Katie Bostic, South Gallia FFA, Kail & Phyllis Burleson, Bill & Penny Burleson, Rob & Connie Massie, Kent & LouAnn Shawver, Mike & Kathy McCalla, Tim & Pam Massie, Hollybrook Farms, in memory of Merrill Evans, $2.65

53. Thomas Hamilton, Sundance Kids, Holzer Health System, $2.75

54. Ty Smittle, Eno Sail On, G & M Fuel Co., $2.10

55. Riley Roberts, Gallia County Livestock Club, Mount Tree Service, $2.40

56. Taylor Huck, Raccoon Rowdies, Pleasant Valley Hospital, $3.50

57. David Spires, K-9 Korps, Tope Furniture & Life Style Furniture and Family Oxygen & Medical Equipment Inc, $2.40